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In this Smart World when you are busy with your tight schedule and not getting time for a health checkup our Healthcare system can help you. It will be tied in your hand and will keep track of your health all the time, in case of any complications it will inform your loved ones and your doctor about the condition wherever you are. The Health care business stays among the speediest to receive the Internet of Things. The health care IT system is connected to the Internet of Medical Things. The purpose behind this pattern is that incorporating IoT highlights into therapeutic gadgets enormously enhances the quality and adequacy of administration, bringing particularly high incentive for the elderly, patients with endless conditions, and those requiring consistent supervision. Medicinal gadgets furnished with Wi-Fi enable the machine-to-machine correspondence that is the premise of IoMT. IoMT gadgets connect to cloud stages, for example, Amazon Web Services, on which caught information can be put away and dissected. IoMT is otherwise called health care IoT or human services IoT. Iotkeep as a leading open-source IoT platform allows health care system integrators to establish cross-device connectivity and implement smart features into medical devices and related software systems. OAASA’s smart Health care devices are very much helpful to use at home or in case of emergency. The Electronics Stethoscope made by OAASA, can bring confidence in your ability to do best for your patient is of paramount importance and The Cholesterol Estimation Device made by OAASA Technologys is very much helpful and viable approach to test your cholesterol level at home. It enables you to screen your cholesterol without going to a doctor's office. OAASA offers an assortment of screens to suit your requirements. The basic objective of the Cholesterol Estimation Device is to measure the cholesterol level in blood and the cholesterol concentration was displayed in an alphanumeric displays.

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