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Wearable Technology has an assortment of uses which develops as the field itself extends. It shows up noticeably in purchaser gadgets with the advancement of the smart watch and movement tracker. Aside from business utilizes wearable Technology is being consolidated into route frameworks, propelled materials, and human services. The roots of wearable technology are impacted by both of these reactions to the vision of universal computing. One early bit of broadly embraced wearable innovation was the Calculator watch. A significantly prior wearable technology was the portable hearing assistant. This technology has 2 types of usage. First, it is used for Personal usage and also for Business usage. Apart from commercial uses, wearable technology is being incorporated into navigation systems, advanced textiles, and healthcare. To monitor a patient's health, his or her heart rate, pulse rate, body temperature, and Spo2 content percentage, wearable technology is often using in this digital universe. An individual observing wearable gadget named heart rate monitor system that enables one to quantify one's heart rate continuously or record the heart rate for later investigation. Smart watch is an example of Wearable Technology which we manufacture. Some models, also called watch phones or phone watch have complete functionality of a typical smartphone. The devices are generally brilliant and made of plastic or different materials and also sober, colorful, these have corporate looks too. OAASA Technologys has started to promote its capacity and it’s a smart wearable product. Besides the fitness tracker or smart watch, we have wearable GPS Tracker for child’s safety and security purpose. As children develop, they'll need to investigate, push limits, and make their own guidelines. Luckily, with wearable GPS trackers, the test of parenthood just got somewhat less demanding. Regardless of whether your youngster is on a family excursion, at an event congregation, or on a school trip, these gadgets give you one less thing to stress over. Wearable technology has a variety of applications which grows as the field itself expands.

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