Agricultural WSN Kit

The WSN kit is an advanced device for monitoring agricultural firms. The Kit has three unique sensors to monitor soil moisture, soil temperature and soil humidity, the captured sensor data can be directly uploaded to web for monitoring. Once the sensor data is uploaded to the server in case the data crosses the threshold limit it will shoot an email to the user and there is an online admin dashboard where real time data can be visualized and monitored from remote places.The device helps the farmer to have a live view of his field remotely as well as can consult an expert remotely by sharing the real time data from field.

One of the most interesting fields having an increasing need of decision support systems is precision agriculture (PA). The quality of farming without observing it for all the time manually. Temperature,humidity and water levels are the most important factors for the  productivity, growth and quality of plants in agriculture.The temperature, humidity and water  level sensors are deployed to gather the temperature and humidity values. The sensor has to transmit the gathered  information  through the wireless communication network to the data server (cloud).The IOT gateway is in charge of the communication between the remote control serial  devices and central control system. The farmers or the agriculture experts can  observe the measurements from the web simultaneously. With the continuous monitoring of many environmental parameters, the  grower can analyse the optimal environmental  conditions  to  achieve  maximum  crop  productiveness,for the better  productivity  and  to  achieve  remarkable   energy savings.

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