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Silk Thickness Analyzer | Image Processing | Final Year Project

Image processing is a strategy to play out a few operations on a picture, so as to get an improved image or to separate some valuable data from it. It is a sort of flag preparing in which input is a picture / image and yield might be image or attributes / highlights related to that image. The basic objective of this project is to determine the thickness of silk thread with image processing technology. Image analysis is the extraction of significant data from pictures / images; for the most part from computerized pictures by methods for advanced image processing systems. Silk is a characteristic warmth controller, ready to keep up the air around you at an agreeable temperature when you rest, which means you sweat less - broad sweating is a major supporter of skin maturing. The reeled silk is formed into silk yarn or silk thread through the process called 'Throwing'. This Silk thickness analyzing technology is required to determine the uniformity in a silk yarn; the uniformity is directly proportional to the quality of silk thread thus lead to the price of the silk thread. A webcam is used to capture the image of the silk thread which is analyzed through certain image processing algorithms.

Two moving silk yarns are settled in two barrel shaped poles and the poles are made mobile with an engine. The webcam is settled in the middle of the two poles to catch the specific region of the silk string. The engine stops for a specific time and the webcam catches the images at the same time. The image examined on a PC or laptop utilizing LABVIEW programming. The information procurement is done through the instrument named NI6008 DAQ Card. The GUI for this is worked in LABVIEW.

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