Motion based surveillance camera

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Security is one of the biggest issues in today's world. There is surely a need for a system which can act as surveillance for our offices and home and which is easy to use. The surveillance system is assuming a critical part in the field of security. Moving item discovery has been broadly utilized as a part of video observation framework. And also movement estimation is an imperative piece of observation video preparing, for example, video separating and pressure from video outlines. This paper proposes a basic and proficient observation framework in light of movement discovery with movement vector estimation from reconnaissance video outlines. Movement is recognized with another approach-edge district assurance which makes identification quicker. The reconnaissance video is then handled for movement estimation utilizing optical stream with Horn-Schunck calculation for evaluating movement vector for its sensible execution and effortlessness. This technique is computationally speedier without requiring any unique equipment for picture preparing. So it can be more material to installed frameworks. In this project, we used a motion detector which detects the motions of humans and informs us their activity.  This camera comes with a wealth of features that enhance its surveillance capabilities, making it ideal for any situation. A passive infrared (PIR) sensor detects motion near the camera, allowing it to automatically record video and send you a notification when motion is detected. This is a self-sufficient surveillance solution, capable of recording snapshots and video to a MicroSD card without requiring a PC or network storage device.

·         Video Compressions : Motion JPEG & MPEG-4(simultaneous)

·         Video : Up to 640x480, progressive scan CCD

·         Video : Up to 30 frames per second

·         Lens : 4 mm fixed iris, F 1.2, minimum illumination 1 lux

·         Casing : Plastic

·         Security : Password + IP address filtering, HTTPS encryption(AXIS 210A)

·         Event Functionality : 1 alarm input + 1 control output, 1.2 MB(AXIS 210)/9MB(210A)pre-alarm memory

·         Features : Built-In Video Motion Detection, Power over Ethernet(AXIS 201A), Full duplex audio using G.711(AXIS 210A)

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