Metal Standalone fingerprint access control

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A metal proofed Biometric gadget is a security recognizable proof and validation gadget. Such gadgets utilize mechanized strategies for confirming or perceiving the personality of a living individual in light of a physiological or behavioral trademark. These attributes incorporate fingerprints, facial pictures, Iris prints and voice acknowledgment. Biometrics are being implemented in more and more airports as they enable quick recognition of passengers and hence lead to a lower volume of people standing in queues. OAASA Technologys is providing this Metal Standalone Fingerprint device as product, service, and technology. Biometrics in schools, Offices is a growing technology in the education as well as corporate sector. Our items are field-demonstrated, simple to utilize, all around bolstered, and autonomous of catch equipment and coordinate calculations.

Metal structure hostile to vandal simple safe plan Supports unique mark ID card Using the dim foundation imaging method make the dry-wet fingerprints are constantly simple to be perceived in the variable light conditions aside from the direct sun oriented radiation Can include erasing the client’s fingerprints by chief fingerprints cards immediately Infrared remote control for programming Anti-attractive avoid opening entryway by attractive wrongfully Built-in PIR (uninvolved infrared) to awaken the gadget from rest mode With Wiegand 26 input.

·         Metal shell, simple & fashion; 1000 / 500 user capacity, Touch the luminous button to unlock the function of fingerprint; Effective fingerprint can output wiegand 26 virtual card number, can be used with all kinds of controller (F10 support wiegand 26, F11 not); Support tamper alarm function and Supports fingerprint & ID card. Admin can add / delete the users' fingerprints / cards easily.


·         Triple User Credential

·         High-Security Application

·         Time and Attendance Management using fingerprint and ID Card

·         Standalone + Networked Windows Reporting Application Features

·         Up to 4000 Finger Print Users

·         All combinations of Finger Print Proximity Card, PIN and Password

·         4 x Inputs, 4 x Output - programmable + time schedule

·         Arm / Disarm function and interface with Intruder Alarm

·         Two main operating mode

·         Duress Function

·         Power Fail Safe or Fail Secure lock type

·         Controller or Networked Software Administration

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