Pipeline inspection Robot Crawler

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This is a miniature robot with motion stages that creep gradually inside a pipeline. These are the most straightforward drive systems that are focused for assessing pipes with or without the presence of water. It includes a night vision weatherproof camera for observation and can capture images or entire 360-degree video.


Live Video Inspection: Live Video Streaming for inspection up to 150-800 mm diameter wet or dry interior space of normal environment of Underground or Overhead Pipelines, Ducts, Tunnels, Containers or any other hidden spaces.

360° Video / Picture Capture: Inbuilt 4-axis (Pan, Tilt, Zoom & Up Down) movement Night Vision weatherproof Camera gives the entire 360° Video / Picture Capture & Record facility.

Environment Condition Analysis: It can sense exact Temperature and Humidity of working environment.

GAS Analysis: It can analyze the ratio of  Carbon Monoxide Gas (CO),  Methane Gas (CH4), LPG, Alcoholic Hazardous Fumes presents in the working atmosphere. Gas Alarm will activate in the above gaseous environment.

Fire Detection: It can detect Fire &  Smoke in the working area. Fire Alarm will activate in presence of fire.

Cleaning Action: It can Clean or Pump out Water or Dust on way.

Length & Slope Analysis: It gives correct Inclination / Slope & Length of its traveled way.


Technical Feature:

Voltage: 12V / 24V DC or 220V/230V AC

Power Backup: More than Equal to 8 Hours

Chargeability: By 220V / 230V AC , Mobile / Laptop / Desktop / USB, Solar

Charging Time: 9 to 10 Hours Up to 100%

Load: Less than Equal to 15 KG

Working temperature: (-25°C- 60°C)

Weight: Less than Equal to 5Kg

Climbing ability: Less than Equal to 45° of slop

Working Environment: Weather Proof

Crawler Control Directions: Forward & Backward

Camera Control Directions: 4 - axis Movement (Night Vision )

Total Crawler & Camera Access: Given Local Display Station

Live Video Stream:- Given Local Display Station

Facebook / Youtube / Android App / Website (On Demand)

Storage Disk Device Size: 500 GB to 1 TB

On Demand: Remote Display & Accessibility from Computer Internet, Mobile Application Android Or iOS.



Crawler Body Material: Stainless Steel / Aluminum Alloy

Crawler Weight: Less than Equal to 5 Kg

Crawler Output Power: Less than Equal to 40W

Crawler Working Temperature: (-25°C- 60°C)


Crawler Peripherals:

1.Local Control Station: Hi-Speed Processing PC (1 Unit)

2.Cable Station: Cable length 100 meters (1 Unit)

3.Charger: 3 Units. (220AC / USB / Solar)


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