Home automation using PC or Smartphone or Remote Control

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We are living in the world of automation where most of the systems are getting automated, such as industrial automation, homes and other business sectors. Home automation system made by OAASA Technologys, the operations of various home appliances more convenient and saves energy. It involves automatic controlling of home appliances using different technologies and controllers over desktops, laptops smartphones or tablets and remote control. Centralized control of lighting equipment, air conditioning and heating, audio/video systems, security systems, kitchen appliances and all other equipment used in home systems is possible with this system. Our Home Automation systems can be operated from home or from outside also using Internet and Mobile App.


Components used for home automation :

  • Bluetooth module
  • Relay
  • BLE112 is a Bluetooth Smart module targeted for low-power sensors and accessories
  • It integrates all features required for a Bluetooth Smart application. It is powered directly by a standard 3V coin cell battery or a pair of AAA batteries.
  • In the lowest power sleep mode, it merely consumes 500 nA and will wake up within a few hundred microseconds.
  • A relay is an electrically operated switch.Relays are used where it is necessary to control a circuit by a low-power signal.
  • Relays protect electrical circuits from overload or faults.
  • It uses M-8870 DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency) decoder IC which decodes tone generated by the keypad of a cell phone.
  • Data is transmitted as pairs of tones. DTMF signal can be tapped directly from the microphone pin of cell phone device.
  • This wireless technology is especially useful in a home environment, where there exists hardly any infrastructure to interconnect intelligent appliances.
  • It could be suitably used for home automation in a cost-effective manner. Operating over unlicensed, universally available frequency of 2.4 GHz, it can link digital devices within a range of 10 m (expandable to 100 m, by increasing the transmitted power) at the speed of 1 Mbps.
A  PC is interfaced with a micro-controller and it is connected to relays to which the appliances which are to be controlled are connected. The micro-controller controls the relays for switching the appliances, ON or OFF. Pre-defined symbols are sent to the Microcontroller through RS232 cable.


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