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A Fitness Tracker or Activity tracker primarily refers to wearable devices that monitor and record a person's fitness activity. The fitness tracker is using observe and follow your health’s fitness related measurements, for example, separate strolled or run, calorie utilization, and now and again pulse rate and quality of sleep. This device is with wearable sensors. These wearable sensors have been widely used in medical sciences, sports and security. Wearable sensors can detect abnormal and unforeseen situations, and monitor physiological parameters and symptoms through these trackers. Medical monitoring of patients’ body temperature, heart rate, brain activity, muscle motion and other critical data can be delivered through these trackers. Using this tracker certain movements of the user, such as working in the household, cycling, swimming, dancing or rowing can be checked. It can be connected with smart phone app. So that you can check it at a time or the log history also can be checked. Wearable fitness tracking devices, including wireless heart rate monitoring that integrated with commercial-grade fitness equipment. Track your all day activity and sleep, stay connected with smartphone notifications, and get friendly Reminders to Move. Easily record select exercises like running, sports and vigorous exercises consequently with Smart Track practice acknowledgment innovation. Your abridged activity log will enable you to track advance and achieve your points of reference.

These fitness tracking devices are made of premium quality stainless steel, elegant, comfortable and durable. It is of different color and with charging facility. OAASA is manufacturing this device for both men and women and with an attractive type of wrist band. It is available with both display and without a display screen. It can measure different sleep stages like light or deep or REM. Except this, other functionality includes multi-sport tracking, cardio fitness checking, heart rate checking, breathing condition checking and so on.

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