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A Biometric gadget is a security recognizable proof and validation gadget. Such gadgets utilize mechanized strategies for confirming or perceiving the personality of a living individual in light of a physiological or behavioral trademark. These attributes incorporate fingerprints, facial pictures, Iris prints and voice acknowledgment. Biometrics are being implemented in more and more airports as they enable quick recognition of passengers and hence lead to a lower volume of people standing in queues. OAASA offers a far reaching arrangement of biometrics software product for expansive scale unique finger impression recognition, facial recognition, and iris acknowledgment frameworks, including: a biometric administrations platform, program and Windows-based UIs and SDKs for biometric enlistment; SDK for name coordinating and personality determination; and SDKs for unique mark, face, and iris acknowledgment. OAASA Technologys is providing this Fingerprint TFT Access Control device as product, service, and technology. Biometrics in schools, Offices is a growing technology in the education as well as corporate sector. Our items are field-demonstrated, simple to utilize, all around bolstered, and autonomous of catch equipment and coordinate calculations. Fingerprint TFT Biometric Attendance System is with 64 bit high-speed microprocessor high resolution infrared camera 2.4" color LCD display, transaction storage capacity optical sensor with 600 dpi resolution on time Software Free.

Specification: 2.4" TFT color screen, 2000 / 3000 fingerprints, 160,000 logs, TCP / IP, USB host, USB slave, Wiegand in & out, 2x relay

  • Fingerprints templates : 3000
  • Card Storage : 3000
  • Transaction : 1,00,000
  • Card reader : Yes
  • CPU : 800 MHz 32-bit Microcontroller
  • Fingerprint Sensor : 500 DPI Optical Sensor
  • FAR  : <= 0.0001%
  • Identification Speed : < 1 sec
  • Display : 3" Color TFT
  • Keyboard  : 4 x 4 with 5 function keys
  • LED Indicator : Green/Red
  • Power Supply : DC 12V, 2 Amp
  • Operating Temperature : 0 to 45 degree Celsius

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