Electronics Stethoscope

Stethoscope a medical instrument for listening to the action of someone's heart or breathing, here we use an op amp circuit for determining the breathing pulses. A diaphragm is used to determine the vibration and the signal is integrated with an Op-Amp integrator circuit. Thus the heart rate can be visualized with a CRO and can be listened using headphone.

The new Littmann Electronic Stethoscope Model 4100, the next generation electronic stethoscope that offers the very latest in advanced
auscultation technology and now features ambient noise reduction technology (patent pending) that reduces up to 75% of distracting room noise. This powerful, state-of-the-art electronic stethoscope provides superior acoustics. With amplification up to 18 times greater
than the best conventional stethoscopes, the Model 4100 is specially designed to pick up difficult-to-hear heart and other body sounds without amplifying sounds you don’t want to hear.  Three frequency modes are available for optimal heart and lung auscultation: Bell, Diaphragm and Extended Range. The Model 4100 offers recording, storage and playback capabilities using six separate soundtracks.  Instant playback is available at normal and half speed. Additionally, the Model 4100 provides infrared data transmission of recorded sounds to another Model 4100, an IBM-compatible PC, Pocket PC, or Palm Pilot, giving you the option of sharing or storing the


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