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Robotics Training Course.

Course Eligibility: OAASA Approval
Course Duration: 2 Months
Course Fee: ₹ 8,000

​​​​Best Robotics Course & Training Insitute In Kolkata | Arduino | Microcontrollers | Robotics Project Based Training and  Workshops By OAASA Technologys

OAASA Technologys offers best Robotics Course in Kolkata. Our 2 month Robotics Engineering course starts from the basics of Robotics programming concepts along with gaining knowledge on Basic Electronics and takes you further into Arduino programming and Logic Building. You will be involved with the most exciting projects and high level of programming in this training session.
Robotics engineering courses teach us how to develop and build robots so that people can use it variety of commercial, manufacturing and security purposes. Our Robotics Course will help you to gain knowledge as well as boost your future career prospects.
Students will get extensive hands-on training where they build Robotics Devices and take up various live projects and complete them at the end of the training.
You can boost your career and earn a higher salary after successfully completing Robotics Course. Between 2017 and 2022, this field is projected to provide about 30,000 job openings due to a combination of growth.
We will cover topics such as control systems, sensors and navigation systems, robotic simulations, human-machine interaction and machine learning.

Advance Robotics

Introduction to Arduino

Advance Robotics

Robot Guides 

  1. The Arduino Revolution
  2. DIY open source market trends
  3. Why Arduino Board
  4. Advantages & Utilities
  5. Board Study and Circuit Fundamentals
  6. Programming using Arduino Compiler
  7. Arduino Libraries
  8. LED Blinking Application
  9. Liquid Crystal Display
  10. Arduino Applications
  1. Artificial sensing robots
  2. Industrial safety Robot
  3. Robot Motion Planning, Sensing & Control
  4. Mobile Robot
  5. Human controlled Robot
  6. Artificial Intelligence -   Neuron Network
  7. Neuron Learning  Algorithm.


  1. Self-Learning Robot
  2. Intelligent Robots
  3. Command Line Follower
  4. Obstacle Avoider
  5. RF Controlled
  6. Light Follower
  7. Color Follower
  8. Self-Balancing Robot


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