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TCP/IP Networking Application Training Course.

Course Eligibility: OAASA Approval
Course Duration: 2 Months
Course Fee: ₹ 7,000

TCP/IP Networking Application Training in Kolkata

OAASA Technologys is providing job oriented Networking and TCP/IP Application Training In Kolkata. The TCP/IP Training course is designed to provide a basic understanding of the configuration, communication, and management of one of the most widely used internetworking protocols and the backbone of today’s Internet.

TCP is connection-oriented in the sense that prior to transmission endpoints need to establish a connection first. TCP protocol data units are called segments. The sending and receiving TCP entities exchange data in the form of segments, which consist of a fixed 20-byte header followed by a variable size data field.

TCP is responsible for breaking down a stream of bytes into segments and reconnecting them at the other end, retransmitting whatever might be lost and also organizing the segments in the correct order. The segment size is restricted by the maximum transfer unit (MTU) of the underlying link layer technology (MTU is generally 1500 bytes which is the maximum payload size of the Ethernet).

All our training are conducted in workshop mode with more focus on hands On Practical Training.

Course Overview

On-Chip Peripherals

External Interfaces


Keil’s RTX51 Tiny / Pumpkin’s Salvo

Selective Discussion during Project Development

Mini Project 4

Net Banking

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