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Master in Advance Computer Aided Designing.

Course Eligibility: OAASA Approval
Course Duration: 2 Months
Course Fee: ₹ 12,000

Computer Aided Design Training Course In Kolkata | AUTOCAD training Institute | 2D & 3D Modelling | 3d Max | ARRAY | Viewports | Design Software

This System Is A Combination Of Hardware And Software That Enables Engineers And Architects To Design Everything From Furniture To Airplanes. In Addition To The Software, Cad/CAM/CAE Systems Require A High-Quality Graphics Monitor; A Mouse, Light Pen, Or Digitizing Tablet For Drawing; And A Special Printer Or Plotter For Printing Design Specifications.

CAD Systems Allow An  Engineer To View A Design From Any Angle With The Push Of A Button And To Zoom In Or Out For Close-Ups And Long-Distance Views. In Addition, The Computer Keeps Track Of Design Dependencies So That When The Engineer Changes One Value, All Other Values That Depend On    It Are Automatically Changed Accordingly.

In Other Words, CAD Tools Assist You With The Experimentation, Exploration, And Iteration Needed To Make The Most Of   Your Design’s Potential. The Overarching Goal? Better Products Produced More Efficiently And At Less Cost So That You Get Your Products To Market Faster.

                        2D Concept

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to AutoCAD
  • AutoCAD Drafting Tools
  • Viewing and Plotting a Drawing
  • Basic CAD Drawing Techniques
  • Working with Prototype Drawings
  • Coordinate System Basics
  • Layers Management  and Line types
  • Designing  Basic Geometry
  • Annotating a Drawing with Text and Hatching
  • Entity Points, Object Snaps & Point Filters
  • Methods for Creating a Selection Set
  • Object Selection Filters
  • Moving, Copying, and Offsetting Objects
  • Rotating, Mirroring, Scaling, and Stretching Objects
  • Editing Edges and Corners of Objects
  • Producing Arrays of Objects (ARRAY)
  • Editing with Grips
  • Advanced Drawing Techniques
  • Dimensioning a Drawing
  • Modifying Object Characteristics
  • Using Symbols and Attributes
  • Adding Information to a Block with Attributes

                         3D Concept

Course Outline:

  • 3D Coordinate Systems
  • Working with Multiple UCSs
  • Creating Complex Surfaces
  • Edge Defined Surface Patches
  • Introduction to Solid Modeling
  • Wireframe Models
  • Surface Models
  • Solid Models
  • Solid Models from 2D Shapes
  • Extruding 2D Geometry
  • Creating Solid Models with Solid Primitives
  • Revolved Solids
  • Controlling the Appearance of Solids
  • Composite Solid Models
  • Working With Solid Models
  • Advanced Solid Editing
  • Advanced 3D drawing
  • Plotting 3D Models
  • Working with the Viewports
  • Floating Viewports
  • Creating 2D Views from a Solid Model
  • Creating Profiles from Solids









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