VLSI Designing Training Course In Kolkata: VHDL Training [VLSI Design]

2 Month Duration
Eligibility : OAASA Approval

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VLSI Designing Course In Kolkata | VLSI Training In Kolkata | Learn VHDL, Verilog, EDA Tools In Kolkata | VLSI Classroom Training By OAASA Technologys.

VLSI Design Training is a pioneering course offered by OAASA Technologys in Kolkata to assist engineers who want to gain theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI) design and Automation. Our course will also prepare them to keep pace with the changing trends of VLSI technology and the demands of an ever-growing VLSI design industry.

Our VLSI and VHDL course is planned to meet modern VLSI industry demands and students are trained into various domains of chip design through class room training and lab practices in the followed by industry. After this course students will be practically proficient and job ready in various aspects of VLSI Logic Design and Physical Design. There will be class assignments, Labs and Practice examples to make you more confident in this field

VLSI stands for "Very Large Scale Integration". This field involves packing more and more logic devices into smaller and smaller areas.Thanks to VLSI, circuits that would have taken board full of space can now be put into a small space few millimeters across! This has opened up a big opportunity to do things that were not possible before. VLSI circuits are everywhere ... your computer, your car, your brand new state-of-the-art digital camera, the cell-phones, and what have you. All this involves a lot of expertise on many fronts within the same field, which we will look at in later sections. 

VLSI has been around for a long time, there is nothing new about it ... but as a side effect of advances in the world of computers, there has been a dramatic proliferation of tools that can be used to design VLSI circuits. Alongside, obeying Moore's law, the capability of an IC has increased exponentially over the years, in terms of computation power, utilisation of available area, yield. The combined effect of these two advances is that people can now put diverse functionality into the IC's, opening up new frontiers. Examples are embedded systems, where intelligent devices are put inside everyday objects, and ubiquitous computing where small computing devices proliferate to such an extent that even the shoes you wear may actually do something useful like monitoring your heartbeats! These two fields are kinda related, and getting into their description can easily lead to another article.

Course Outline:           

  • Introduction
  • Structural VHDL
  • Behavioral VHDL
  • RTL Code
  • Data Type
  • Configuration & Package
  • VHDL Library Management
  • VHDL Simulation & Synthesis Flow
  • VHDL synthesizable code for Logic Components (Combinational & Sequential)
  • Delay Simulation
  • Timing Analysis
  • Test Bench Creation
  • FPGA Synthesis
  • If/case/loop/when-else/with-select/port-mapping/ components/sub-file/clock generation coding tricks
  • UCF Creation
  • FPGA Architecture
  • Introduction to FPGA Practical World
  • Spartan-3A, Spartan-3E, Basys-2 Board Pin Configuration
  • Hands on practical with FPGA
  • Using ISP method FPGA downloading Process
  • FSM Methods


 Specialties of OAASA Technologys

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